Offshore Loading

HiLoad DP provide conventional tankers with Dynamic Positioning capabilities and Bow Loading System (BLS) which allows for safe offshore loading.

The HiLoad technology is a fully integrated offshore logistical solution. As such Remora can provide a complete crude export solution from oil field to refinery,  in partnership with Teekay, one of the world’s largest marine energy transportation, storage and production companies. Teekay, since 1973, has grown significantly, and built an enviable reputation for operational excellence.

Further, in order to define your needs, Remora can facilitate with e.g.;

  • Crude Export Logistical studies

Highly trained crews and advanced on-board technology, including dynamic positioning loading systems, ensure safe and reliable offloading of oil from offshore installations in both deep-water and harsh weather which makes the HiLoad solution a safe and cost effective offshore loading solution.

Commercial arrangement can either be an outright sale / purchase or Time Charter, on an operational lease basis, of varying durations. A complete oilfield area export solution can be provided in order to maximize the value for license partners by structuring the export solution on a Offshore Loading (COOL) basis which uses a volume based fee structure versus more costly alternatives.


Figure. Contract structure example for an oilfield area export solution with a COOL agreement